Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been rushed to the hospital after apparently being shot while giving an address, local media reports said, noting that bystanders heard two loud bangs before Abe collapsed.

Former prime minister Abe was shot down at around 11.30 AM in Nara, when fell to the ground during a speech in the city of Nara this weekend and was seen bleeding before being treated by Paramedics.


One man, believed to be the shooter, has been taken into custody. The condition of former prime minister Abe is currently unknown, chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told reporters, adding that the attack was unforgivable.

Local media reported that Abe was in a state of “cardiopulmonary arrest” and showing no vital signs following the shooting, citing local fire and hospital officials.

The term is often used in Japan to indicate a person has no vital signs, but has not yet been certified dead by a coroner.


Footage circulating online purported to show both the shooting and its aftermath, with Abe seen delivering his speech before a loud blast erupted behind him accompanied by a cloud of smoke.

Paramedics were also seen working on Abe before he was airlifted to a hospital for treatment, while what appears to be a homemade firearm was also spotted in a photo captured at the scene.

A suspected shooter has been apprehended for attempted homicide, a man said to to be in his 40’s, who is being interrogated by police.


Japan’s longest serving prime minister, Abe was campaigning for an upcoming parliamentary election this weekend, speaking in favor of the ruling Liberal Democratic party.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida canceled his campaign stops and would soon return to Tokyo.

RT.com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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