NATO has ordered Italy to sent troops to the Eastern Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor in order to help occupy territory invaded by the US military which previously confiscated the 80% of the Syrian oil fields.

The Italian special forces are stationed at a US base in the oil-rich Al-Omar region. There has been no official information about the number of Italian troops deployed to Syria

The Italian forces have not yet participated in any action against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), but they are joining the British and French troops in their hostile mission, which is done without approval from the UN Security Council.

Sooner or later Washington will be forced to pull out of Syria and Iraq.

Assessing the results of the US’ Middle Eastern policy over the last four decades, analysts pointed to the failure of US diplomacy and its inability to broker any deal.

Russia has become a powerful broker in the Middle East that could provide the USA with a “face-saving exit.”

If the USA does not leave Syria by its own volition, it will probably ultimately face armed resistance and guerilla warfare, in the same way the US military opposed this type of bloody battle against the Syrian government security forces since 2011.

Under these circumstances, Russia emerges as the only player capable of sorting out the mess left behind by Washington.

The proxy war in Syria has left 500.000 people dead, while over 10 million citizens have been displaced and deported to other countries in the region and Europe.

Meanwhile, Washington continues to demand that Tehran pulls its military servicemen out of Syria. For its part, Damascus has made it clear that Iran’s withdrawal is out of the question.

This topic is not even on the agenda of discussion, since it concerns the sovereignty of Syria. So, the latest strategy for the USA is to involve NATO troops to replace invaded territory concurred by the US coalition with the help of ISIS.

Sputnik / AA Flash Point News 2018.

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ENI helping ConocoPhillips in Syria.