Israel’s private spacecraft Beresheet crashed into the Moon after being hit with problems during descent, denying the Jewish state a place in the elite club of nations that mastered a lunar landing.

Beresheet’s engine stopped working around 10 kilometers from the surface, with the vehicle crashing into the Moon at a speed of over 500 km p/h.

A Jewish attempt to annex the Moon, failed miserably because of Anti-Semitism in Space?

The craft, launched by Israeli nonprofit space venture SpaceIL and defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries, crashed into the surface of the moon on Thursday, after failing to adequately slow its descent.

Beresheet, Hebrew for the biblical phrase “in the beginning,” would have been the first Israeli and first private spacecraft to land on the moon.,h_562,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/b4c49e_d0cdb0f62160444b85af14d89b617fc0~mv2.png?w=696&ssl=1

To date, only Russia, the USA, and China have managed to perform controlled ‘soft’ landings on the lunar surface.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu watched the landing attempt from the control center, and has already promised that an Israeli craft will return to the moon in the next two or three years.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Space News 2019. 

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06-03-21 13:25

Unfortunately Satanyahu was not on board?