Israeli authorities started excavating portions of the historic Bab al-Rahma cemetery next to Al-Aqsa mosque in occupied Old City of East Jerusalem. The cemetery is believed to contain the final resting places of two companions of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

The Holy Muslim Cemetery sits adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the 3rd holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina. It is believed to hold the graves of Ubada ibn as-Samit and Shadad ibn Aus, two of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions.

The cemetery has remained in use for more than 1,000 years, but in the summer of 2015, Israel announced plans to build a National Park Trail through parts of the cemetery and seized about 40% of it.

Palestinian attorney Sami Ershid told the news site that Israel was ignoring pending legal cases before Israeli courts on the fate of the cemetery.

Israeli authorities have recently resumed work on the park and have been seen digging up and marking graves, removing trees and fencing off areas to halt future burials.

Over the first weekend of June, several Palestinians were reportedly injured while protesting the annexation of the cemetery.

Outside of Jerusalem proper, in the West Bank, authorities are also clearing the way for a new settlement over the village of al-Khana Ahmar, a village mostly inhabited by Bedouin refugees who were expelled from southern Israel in 1952.

In 2009, an Italian aid organization constructed a school there, but Israel ordered it to be demolished one month after it opened.

After that, residents in neighboring Israeli settlements petitioned the courts to demolish the community, which has been slated for destruction since February 2010.

In 2015, authorities confiscated solar panels that provided the only source of electricity to the village. The Jewish faith teaches that it was from this location that God created the world and that King Solomon and King David built the “First Temple” there.

It was eventually razed and later, other Jewish leaders built yet another temple there, which was also destroyed. Jewish faith maintains that a third and final temple will be constructed there when the Messiah returns.

In the Muslim faith, Muhammad is believed to have been transported there from Mecca before ascending to Heaven to commune with God from the rock inside the Dome of the Rock, and mosques have been constructed and destroyed there for centuries.

Christians believe the second Jewish temple built there, Herod’s Temple, was the site of several significant events in the life of Jesus.The Old testament is a blueprint based on God’s word given to Abraham when he stood on Mount Sinai.

Before King David built the so-called First Temple there, the Greeks called the land, Palestine, which means the land free of Jews. So the difference of opinions started 3.500 years ago, when the Jews ignored Palestine traditional heritage and annexed Jerusalem for the fist time in history.

According to the Jews, they are the only chosen people on planet Earth, so the rest residents must be wiped of the map, calling the ones against this horror show antisemitic ?

Sputnik / AA Flash Point Religious News 2018.

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Dark Nobilty
Dark Nobilty
28-04-20 11:00

Part of this evil agenda is to also destroy Palestine traditions and culture.