Israeli Finance Minister and Religious Zionism Party leader Bezalel Smotrich recently said the Palestinian people are an invention that is less than 100 years old, and that there is no such thing as Palestinian history or culture.

The Israeli Finance Minister has a history of making incendiary comments about Palestinian people, most recently he called for the wiping out of the Palestinian city Huwara.

Smotrich was speaking at an event commemorating a prominent Zionist activist, Jacques Kupfer, who died in 2021.

Smotrich was recently handed vast powers in the West Bank, including enforcement powers over illegal construction, authority over the planning and building settlements, and land allocation.

The Times of Israel said the authority being given to Smotrich gave the ultra-nationalist leader sweeping powers over the occupied West Bank territory.

This allow[s] him to advance his goal of thwarting Palestinian aspirations for a state in the West Bank by enabling the Zionist population there to substantially expand ignoring international law.

Smotrich, who is a settler in the West Bank himself, gave the remarks at a podium draped in the flag of what is called “Greater Israel” by Zionists.

While different iterations of the map have existed over time and sometimes vary by organization, they all include expanding Israel’s borders to include Palestine and other countries in whole or part.

The map Smotrich stood behind included the militarily invaded occupied West Bank and Jordan as part of Israel.

In response, Jordan accused Smotrich of violating the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel and summoned the Israeli ambassador in Amman over the comments.

Smotrich also claimed he is a true Palestinian. Do you know who is a Palestinian? I am a Palestinian. My late grandfather, who was 13th generation Jerusalemite, is the true Palestinian.

Mohammad Shtayyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA), said the remarks were conclusive evidence of the extremist, racist, Zionist ideology that governs the current Israeli government.

Do not shake our belonging to our land and history, and that all archaeological remnants and history prove the attachment of the Palestinian to his land since the dawn of human and human history.

The comments came hours after delegates from Israel and the PA met for a regional summit in Egypt that was also attended by Jordan and the USA.

That meeting was the follow-up to a meeting in Jordan last month that was the first talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in years.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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21-03-23 14:08

APARTHEID policy to be continued and intensified?

Alex Peter
Alex Peter
Reply to  Peekawari
21-03-23 18:41

Trouble luring ahead, the clock is ticking and now the most evil sanctions and campaigns do not work anymore, as the world now sees what is going on, while the Anglo Zio-Nazi swamp is burning down their own houses.

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Alex Peter
Alex Peter
21-03-23 18:45

Psychological overload?