Israeli police forces attack demonstrators in Jerusalem with stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring hundreds of suppressed people in the historic city.

Things were anticipated only to worsen, given that today is “Jerusalem Day” – the anniversary of when the east of the city was captured in the 1967 war, leading to its present disputed occupation.

So, who is really to blame for the violent clashes in the city that intensified today as Israeli police oppressed Palestinian demonstrations, following a month of growing tensions surrounding controversy over an eviction order in favor of settlers in East Jerusalem?

Usually this event sees hundreds of flag-waving Israeli youths provocatively make their way through Muslim areas, chanting and singing patriotic propaganda songs.

Not surprisingly, there have been no calls from Washington to “stand with the Palestinian people” or to “push sanctions” on their behalf against Israel to “hold them to account” for their international obligations, as we frequently hear in relation to human rights in adversarial countries, such as, of course, China.

But with the US regime and Israel, that’s how it has always been. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan expressed “concerns” to his Israeli counterpart but only urged Tel Aviv to “ensure calm.” Obviously, there will be no serious or direct condemnation involved.

The situation, of course, is one of America’s own making. One must question how and why did Israel become emboldened to accelerate settlements in East Jerusalem and other disputed territories?

And how did this lead to the current spree of violence? The answer lies in the unilateral and illegal foreign-policy shifts forced through by the preceding administration, arguably the most one-sided in favor of Tel Aviv ever.

It even recognized Jerusalem as the capital of all Israel, and Mike Pompeo visited the West Bank to state that settlements do not contravene international law.

This has allowed Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, to essentially have a free hand, more so than usual, in doing whatever he pleases. However, despite the wording of the Abraham Accords vowing peace, the opposite has, in fact, happened.

By emboldening the Israelis so dramatically by giving them huge diplomatic and political concessions, they inevitably saw no reason to compromise themselves and have avoided accountability for their actions.

And it is no surprise that, according to a report from the PLO, “transgressions against Palestinians in the West Bank since the September agreement have only grown.”

It claims that Israeli forces have opened fire more than 240 times, killing two Palestinians, wounding more than 90, and detaining more than 480 people, including children.

From September 15 to October 15, 25 homes and facilities in Palestinian settlements were demolished “without significant reason,” as Netanyahu pressed ahead with new settlement-building, which has served to increase Palestinian unrest and set the scene for the current violence.

Washington has always blocked accountability for Israel, even if some presidents were more inclined to make them negotiate.

However, the previous White House took this to a new level, crossing new red lines concerning Jerusalem and the West Bank, which are now generating instability.

Because when has America ever truly stood up for the rights of Muslims? The USA and its allies might be blind to the fate of the Palestinians, but the rest of the world isn’t.

RT. com / ABC Flash-Point News 2021.

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10-05-21 17:36

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Reply to  Karin
10-05-21 17:47

No it’s not American folks that are to blame here, it’s those politicians that ignore their own country and advocate for another. At least 1500 US politicians hold dual nationality with Israel, this would be ‘conflict of interest’ in any other country.

10-05-21 17:38

The ultimate bully. A nation that behaves like the proverbial schoolyard nemesis who will not change his behavior until something happens to force his hand.

No respect for the human beings that it keeps imprisoned; no respect for borders or boundaries; no respect for international laws.

Its crimes are only compounded by its disingenuous claims of prejudice toward any who raise their voices in protest.

Sadly, in the United States, not one of our legislators dares criticize the world’s leading rogue state as endless checks are signed to arm this monster.