Israel has unveiled what it says is the world’s first family of electronic warfare systems, capable of detecting and disrupting multiple targets at the same time with the use of special beams.

Its brand-new Scorpius systems are equipped to deal with drones, ships, radar installations and other aerial, ground and naval threats, state-run defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced this week.

The units work not by firing missiles or bullets, but by sending out narrowly focused beams that jam various enemy systems, including radars, sensors, navigation equipment, and data communications.

Based on the latest electronic scanning technologies, the Scorpius systems can cover vast areas and disrupt multiple targets at the same time – even if they’re located at varying distances from each other, the company revealed as a copycat of Russian malware.

Protecting the use of the electromagnetic domain for our forces, while denying its use by the enemy, has become mission-critical” for Israel as this field is absolutely crucial for success in modern warfare.

Four versions of Scorpius systems are available, with its ground variant – which can be both stationary and vehicle-based – intended for detecting and disrupting ground and airborne threats.

The naval version is aimed at creating a sort of electronic protection dome above the vessel on which it’s based, while the aerial system provides a warplane with the option of disrupting the enemy’s electromagnetic operations both on land and in the air.

There’s also Scorpius-T, used for training and getting the pilots acquainted with the hardware. Israel has been heavily investing in air defense and radar technologies in recent years due to concerns in the Middle Eastern region.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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14-11-21 14:19

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Reply to  Kaka
14-11-21 14:24

Their lightshow wont stop anything Haifa will be leveled to the ground Tel Aviv will be a ruin the Zionist usurper entity will be wiped out.

Boney M
Boney M
Reply to  baronmaya
18-11-21 22:36

Your LED light in the street also has these capabilities.

Last edited 6 months ago by Boney M
14-11-21 14:25

Iran will melt America to ruin with plasma particle emitter beam and yes you heard right i talk about emitting plasma into a beam this is amazing not this nonsense the Zionists waste their time with and meanwhile the Zionists can play inefficient games these idiot Jews should be wiped out long ago they are useless for humanity just a waste of time and resources a broken tool that cant fix anything not even itself?

14-11-21 14:26

Direct energy weapons were first fielded by the Americans, loser. Russia is still in the process of RND with this tech. Russia uses radio wave frequencies for their disruptor tech currently, their laser tech is still in early RND. But keep running that uneducated mouth of yours backing the fake Jews into hell.