As almost all diseases in our modern world today, most of them are engineered and designed to make money for the wealthy few hanging around stuck in greed.

Cancer is one of the most successful commercial diseases engineered by mankind. A great part of our food staple contains carcinogen in order to poison humanity, since cannabis was banned as medication in 1930’s.

The Western Anglo-Saxon world is bankrupt and the public security backbone like retirement savings are next in line to be plundered by the Zionist elite.

Israeli Scientists claims they have made an historic breakthrough in devising a cure for cancer that could be proven within the next year.

According to The Jerusalem Postthe cure known as MuTaTo, or multi-target toxin, the new anti-cancer drug is being touted as a disruption technology of the highest order. reports: Dan Aridor, the head of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi), told the paper that his small team of scientists had developed an all-around treatment or complete cure for cancer, explaining:

The cure is expected to render the disease manageable in the same way that the triple drug cocktail made AIDS a survivable disease.

The treatment is based on SoAP technology, a platform designed by AEBi.

The MuTaTo treatment will act as a cancer antibiotic that uses a web of cancer-targeting peptides to attack cancer cells simultaneously, wrapping around them in an octopus-like manner and attacking them from multiple angles, while using a strong peptide toxin to eliminate them.

Critics, however, remain skeptical about the cure, especially because the only study done so far was performed on mice. Even the inventors themselves concede that human trials will take a while to begin and complete.

Because the peptides are so small, they would go undetected by the immune system and avoid counter-attacks that commonly lead to side effects like nausea. The product was secretly tested on imprisoned Palestinians.

AEBi CEO Dr. Ilan Morad touted the potential treatment as more advantageous than antibodies and also small, cheap, and easy to produce and regulate. Making people a slave of money and then die a little later.

Given that an estimated 18.1 million new cancer cases were diagnosed worldwide in 2018 alone – making every sixth death in the world a result of cancer and ranking it as the world’s second leading cause of death – the news is very contradictory.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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22-11-22 20:01

Inventive science according to the book?