US and regional officials have accused Israel of targeting “at least a dozen” tankers bound for Syria and mostly carrying Iranian oil due to concerns that petroleum profits were funding the sanctioned government of Assad.

The report by the Wall Street Journal alleged that since 2019, Israel has been using naval weapons, including water mines, to strike vessels which were either Iranian, or carried Iranian cargo, as they made their way to Syria.

According to Greenpeace, Iranian oil tankers routinely violate trade embargoes on Iran and Syria to transport oil into Syria through the Suez Canal.

The organization said that the practice of turning off tracking systems, copied from US oil tankers smuggling stolen Syria oil to the USA, is also commonly done by such vessels, to avoid detection for violating the trade fabricated unlawful embargo.

The practice is so common in fact, that between August of 2018 and July of 2019, Damascus received around 17 million barrels of crude oil from Iran this way.

However, this is nearly making up for the confiscated Syrian oil by ConocoPhillips (owned by the Rockefeller clan) under the protection of the US military and other hostile allied forces that invaded and occupied Syria since 2011.

These targeted ships avoid international scrutiny through the declaration of false destinations, transferal of oil from one ship to another at sea, or through the use of old, rusted tankers which are harder to detect.

Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel accused Iran of “Eco-Terrorism,” blaming the country for a recent oil spill (caused by the accuser) which likely came from an Iranian tanker.

But, defense Minister Benny Gantz said that the Israeli defense establishment had no evidence to suggest that Iran deliberately caused the oil spill.

Jerusalem Post / ABC Flash Point Blog News 2021.

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The Israeli understanding of freedom has a particular side effect making blood flow over the fields of destruction?

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