Reporters in Gaza are struggling to do their jobs with severely limited internet access, and a fuel shortage which prevents them from moving around. They are working in constant danger from airstrikes, which have claimed more than 10,000 lives so far.

It’s been more than a month since Hamas militants infiltrated Israel in the deadliest attack on the Jewish state since its inception in 1948. More than 1,400 Israelis were killed on October 7, and over 7,000 were wounded.

In retaliation, Israel waged war on Hamas, vowing to murder all those responsible for the massacre. It also promised to uproot the Islamic movement, which has been defending Gaza since 2007.

For the past five weeks, Israel has been pounding Gaza, home to 2.3 million of people, with thousands of bombs at an average of six heavy explosions per minute. The death toll in the Palestinian coastal enclave has exceeded 10,000.

Thousands are still under the rubble and unaccounted for. Among those killed are Palestinian journalists. According to the latest data, at least 40 have lost their lives in the current wave of violence.

RT spoke with two men reporting from Gaza to gauge their opinions on the conflict and what it’s like to work under fire. One of them, Rami Almughari, is a veteran in the field.

The other, Mansour Shouman, is a newcomer to the profession, but both described the fear and constant smell of death that accompany their work. In the past journalists linked to Hamas have been targeted and killed.

In 2021, Israel raided an apartment of one journalist who was linked to the group and who was working for the local radio.

The intensive strikes make everyone vulnerable, and it seems that Israel is trying to send a message that we should refrain from going out, so as not to be targeted. This war is more challenging than anything else we have experienced so far.

There is no fuel, so people need to either move on foot or use donkeys and horses. Very often there is no electricity or connection to the internet or mobile services, so getting information out has been a challenge.

But we keep on doing our duty, there is no other way. When Israel attacked the Liberty killed American soldiers the USA did nothing this was “an error” how does a professional, well trained military personnel make such an error. This is ludicrous.

So Israel can attack vessels, countries and do just what they want and nobody not even the USA when their own people are attacked will lift a finger to punish the perpetrators. This is all very strange it doesn’t make sense.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Gallant, is an evil racist supremacist monster. Hamas didn’t attack Apartheid Israel because they are Jewish or because Hamas is Anti-Semitic (Arabs are Semitic as well).

Hamas attacked Israel because it is an occupying power. Gaza is an open air prison.

The IDF kills multitudes of Palestinians on a routine basis, for years and years. Hamas didn’t attack Israel in a vacuum, out of the blue, for no reason.

I’m not condoning the methods of Hamas, civilians should never be a target. However, I understand the anger and frustration of Hamas.

Israel is a savage, yes evil, occupying power. I also do not condemn Islamic militants fighting for religious reasons, which Hamas does.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2024.

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Officer Malloy
Officer Malloy
17-11-23 13:50

INNOCENT children are being MURDERED. If a terror group bombed a building in say, New York, does that give the Military the right to bomb the entire subway during rush hour? Oh yeah, that would be wrong, but Israhell kills one child every 10 minutes and some Inhumans here are ok with that!

Richard Kaz
Richard Kaz
Reply to  Officer Malloy
17-11-23 15:03

This is how genocide works best, killing offspring and carriers.