The Latakia Fire Brigade and the Civil Defense Department of the Latakia Port Company put out today a fire that broke out aboard a ship during a maintenance process being carried out within the port.

Two people have been injured in a blast that hit a merchant tanker off Syria’s port of Latakia earlier on Tuesday, media reported, citing firefighters.

The fire broke out during maintenance works at the port, and the vessel was empty at that time, SANA news agency reported, quoting the port’s director-general. Two workers got intoxicated with carbon monoxide and were hospitalized.

A video of the explosion has been shared online. According to the UK-based EOS Risk Group, the cause of the fire onboard the vessel is yet to be established.

By targeting Israeli owned cargo ships clients may decide to use cargo ships owned by other countries or ask Israeli companies for discounts. The secret war may hurt Israeli shipping in the end.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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11-08-21 19:19

All owned by Israeli’s, are they shooting their own foot?