An Ohio judge told man convicted of Fentanyl possession to get vaccinated or be sent to prison instead, as the stranglehold on the global citizens get tightened. Because I don’t take a shot they can send me to jail?

The Cincinnati, Ohio man who pleaded guilty to possession of the Pharmaceutical drug Fentanyl is challenging the decision by a county judge to condition his probation on getting a Covid-19 vaccine, saying he doesn’t want or need it.

Brandon Rutherford, 21, was given a suspended sentence, known as Community Control  last week, for possession of the deadly drug. He was shocked, however, when Hamilton County Judge Christopher Wagner gave him 60 days to get vaccinated or be sent to prison for 18 months.

Rutherford’s lawyer told multiple media outlets on Monday that he intends to challenge the order, but wants to wait and see if Judge Wagner “violates” his client once the deadline is up.

According to the transcript of the hearing provided to Cincinnati’s WCPO-TV, Wagner had asked Rutherford why he was wearing a mask inside the courtroom, only to be told that the defendant had not been vaccinated. It was at this point that the judge decided to require the jab as a condition of the probation.

In a statement emailed to the TV station, Judge Wagner said the vaccination order is within the court’s responsibility to rehabilitate the defendant and protect the community, adding that judges order defendants to undergo drug, alcohol or mental health treatment.

Wagner is not the only judge in Ohio to demand vaccination as a condition of probation. A judge in Franklin County started doing so two months ago, while two Cuyahoga County judges have been offering defendants reduced probation sentences if they got vaccinated.

Meanwhile, judges across the US have ruled in favor of letting private businesses and even public universities impose vaccine mandates on their employees and students.

The Department of Defense also announced it would mandate vaccines to members of the US military by mid-September, or sooner if the jabs, currently cleared only for emergency use, receive full FDA approval.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Extortion News 2021.

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10-08-21 11:56

You government controlled junkies, get your vaccinazi asap.

10-08-21 18:00

All that I have observed from many court rulings is that the constitution apparently is no longer in effect at any level.

The Supreme Court definitely showed that when they ruled to not even review the voter fraud cases that came before them, the same as the lower federal courts did.