Israel and Bahrain agreed to establish full diplomatic relations on Friday in a second breakthrough between Israel and its Arab neighbors after it normalized ties with the United Arab Emirates last month.

As per the statement, Israel and Bahrain agreed to normalize ties following a telephone conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa and Donald Trump.

The Palestinian leadership strongly rejects and condemns the American-Bahraini-Israeli tripartite declaration on the normalization of relations between the occupying state of Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain, which obliterates the Palestinian cause.

However, a Bahraini delegation is expected to join Israeli and UAE officials in Washington, DC on Tuesday for the formal signing of normalization treaties between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, and Tel Aviv and Manama.

Bahrain becomes the fourth Arab country to have diplomatic relations with Israel, after Egypt in 1979, Jordan in 1994 and the UAE in 2020.

At the same time Israel keeps on bombing Gaza and Syria, while refusing to comment about the attack on Syria’s Aleppo. Israel frequently launches strikes on Syria saying that its operations are aimed at countering the Iranian military presence in the neighboring Arab republic.

Damascus condemns such actions and considers them to be violations of Syria’s national sovereignty. Following calls in 2015 for the UK to expand its military presence East of Suez, the Royal Navy has launched a sizeable base in the Persian Gulf situated on the small island nation of Bahrain.

Britain’s new base has been named HMS Jufair, a facility which hails back to 1935 when it was under the control of the British Empire. The naval base will fulfill a complementary role to expanding British Zionist military facilities in Oman.

The facility was returned to Bahrain only in 1971, though the U.S. military has been leasing the facility since the 1950’s which continued after sovereignty was restored to the small Arab kingdom.

With tensions between Zionist aligned Arab Gulf States and Iran continuing to simmer, and with Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince predicting open war with Iran in the near future, a British Naval contingent could well prove an invaluable asset to support allied forces should such a conflict break out.

The US Naval support activity in Shi’ite Bahrain is one of the military bases owned by the United States Navy outside of the United States of America. In fact, this is a co-base. It is run by the USA, but under the authority, laws and regulations of Bahrain.

The base is the most important one in this area and also the only one on a pretty wide range. Therefore, it holds the main role in the Middle East operations. In 1997, both Bahrain and the United States of America adopted a new program to support some constructions and a comprehensive buildup process.

Basically, what the US government did is to turn a small military camp into a modern, large and powerful military base.

The project finished in 2015 and judging by the latest conflicts started by the USA in the Middle East, NSA Bahrain might become one of the most important and useful facilities in the area and most important back up for Israeli assaults on Iran?

Military / ABC Flash Point News 2020.


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Kick me Out of my Zone
Kick me Out of my Zone
12-09-20 00:07

Bribery and extortion to move on with the plan to destroy Iran in a major upcoming planned military attack?