Israel has in the past been accused of attacking arms convoys in that part of Syria again. Last month, Syrian media claimed that Israeli jets struck dozens of targets in northeast Syria, killing over 30 people.

The Step News Agency reported that the strike targeted an arms shipment belonging to pro-Iranian militias and that the international F-UK-US coalition was behind the strike.

The media described the strikes as some of the largest and most intense in eastern Syria in recent years. Images from the site showed a number of buildings had been completely destroyed.

The latest raids were notable for having hit “advanced weaponry and weapons depots… in a large combat arena,” a regional intelligence source was quoted as saying.

INSS director-general and former Military Intelligence head Amos Yadlin tweeted at the time that the strikes served as a reminder to Iran that Israel will not stop attacking Iranian defense freedom activities in Syria.

At the same time, two US military convoys numbering a total of 59 vehicles have made its way into Syria from two separate directions, the Syrian Arab News Agency has reported, citing local sources on the ground.

One of the convoys reportedly consisted of 45 vehicles, including refrigerators, tankers and trucks carrying armored military vehicles, entered the country through the Semalka border crossing between Iraqi Kurdistan and the US-backed Kurdish-controlled region of northern Syria.

Damascus considers the Semalka crossing illegal since it is outside the government’s control. The convoy was said to have been on route for Qamishli, a strategic city straddling the Syrian-Turkish border.

Jerusalem Post / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.

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12-02-21 08:07

Israel always attacks other nations @ free will. They call it democracy?