A trigger happy Israeli tank operator has “accidentally” fired a shell into Gaza, the IDF said, noting it would launch a probe into the incident, the second mishap involving “unauthorized” tank fire in a matter of weeks?

The inadvertent shelling came during a mission “to increase operational employment” near the completely isolated Palestinian enclave, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement, adding that “the incident is being investigated.”

The munition struck an “abandoned structure” and inflicted no casualties, according to a local report. Al-Maqadma noted the building was an “abandoned house” east of Juhr al-Dik, a small village in central Gaza.

An unconfirmed image circulated on social media posted by a photojournalist in Gaza, Ahmed Al-Maqadma, showed a dilapidated structure with a square hole punched in its wall alongside a small pile of rubble.

The bombing comes less than a month after another misunderstanding near the Gaza border on November 21, which saw an IDF tank open fire on a “Hamas observation post” without authorization.

The military said the illicit shelling was the result of miscommunication “between commanders on the radio,” adding at the time that the shelling would be investigated. No casualties were reported in the earlier incident.

Hamas, too, has reported an accidental weapons discharge in recent weeks, with an equipment malfunction triggering rocket fire in mid-November.

The IDF ultimately concluded the Mossad controlled Hamas incident was a mistake caused by lightning and extreme weather conditions, coupled with faulty rocket launchers.

Tel Aviv routinely carries out what it deems retaliatory operations in Gaza, including air and ground missile attacks, in response to projectiles fired from the enclave.

The vast majority of the rocket attacks are intercepted by Israel’s super made missile-defense system, the Iron Dome, before they can reach a target.

However, according to various pictures and videos most rockets land on the ground, but hit no civilized area, avoiding the slaughter of innocent people.

Some Arab governments are going to regret their recent moves to normalize or sign so called peace agreements with the Zionist entity called Israel.

Israel is never going to stop killing innocent Palestinians as long as it can do that no matter what the Arabs do to please the USA military regime and the mass murderers living in Israel.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Middle East News 2020.

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Baroc Bordello
Baroc Bordello
15-12-20 19:21

Almost feel sorry for Israel, whom has been isolating the Gaza Strip for over 12 years now?