Islamic institutions in Jerusalem warned Israel on Sunday against the expansion of the Magharbeh Gate into Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The expansion proposal being considered by the Israeli government is apparently in response to calls by far-right extremists among illegal Jewish settlers.

The statement containing the warning was signed by the Council of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sanctuaries; the Supreme Islamic Council; the Palestinian Darul Ifta (Islamic rulings’ body); the Court of the Chief Justice in Jerusalem; the Islamic Endowment Department; and the Department of Al-Aqsa Mosque Affairs.

The continuous provocative calls issued by the so-called Temple Mount groups to expand Magharbeh Gate are dangerous, insisted the organizations. The mosque and its compound — all of it — are at the core of Islamic beliefs held by Muslims all over the world.

The settler groups proposed a plan to remove the sand hill and wooden bridge that connects Magharbeh Gate with Al-Buraq (“Western”) Wall plaza, and replace them with a new bridge ornamented with verses from the Torah.

They have called for mass incursions at Al-Aqsa Mosque on 9 August to mark the alleged destruction of the temple for the Messiah to arrive.

The Islamic institutions also warned against the increasing calls, incitement and proposals for the Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque, noting that such calls and proposals are always followed by mass incursions by illegal settlers of the Islamic holy site.

No part of the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa is open to any form of division or partnership, they added, as they hailed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s guardianship over holy sites in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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