Described as the deadliest attack against US troops in Syria, a suicide bombing in the city of Manbij killed at least 15 people, including four US troops, and wounded a number of others, including three US troops.

Since the invasion of US military in northern Syria in 2014, the mainstream media never mentioned any ISIS attack, or US casualties for the F-UK-US coalition, instead the Americans were glorified as being the ones fighting ISIS.

But on the battlefield eventually it was the Russians who helped Iran and Hezbollah to defeat ISIS and kick them out of Syria.

So why does ISIS suddenly attack the US military, when they are pulling their troops out of Syria. Something does not really add up here? Who is behind ISIS, and why the change in attitude?

Maybe it is Israel that doesn’t want the US soldiers occupying oil fields to leave Syria, because they have proven to be the only ones that supported ISIS during the hostile raids on southern Syrian villages and cities. 

However, the attack on US military was claimed by ISIS, and that started an immediate furor among opponents of the announced US withdrawal from Syria. The Pentagon and the US Deep State want their troops to stay in Syria, as only Trump want them out?

Now this point of view is almost certain to grow dramatically, with huge numbers of lawmakers and media pundits opposing the Syria pullout bound to present this as vindication for keeping the war going.

This is not just a convenient case to be mad for Pentagon war hawks, but also for ISIS themselves. ISIS, like its al-Qaeda predecessors, is very keen to keep US forces in the immediate vicinity as a way to keep them globally relevant.

As with al-Qaeda in places like Afghanistan, the USA has long been willing to give them exactly what they want. 

So while now many are gearing up to try to further slow, if not outright stop, the Syria pullout, the reality of the situation is that if the USA had kept to the reported 30-day pullout in the first place, the troops attacked today almost certainly would have already been out of Syria.

For now 500.000 people have died, while over 10 million Syrians have been displaced and deported as refugees to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Russia Insider /ABC Flash Point Military News 2019.

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