US President Donald Trump has announced that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed during a US military raid in northwest Syria, confirming an avalanche of rumors on the terrorist’s death.

Only Americans can kill a dead man several times and keep him alive.That is to say at least four times. None of this stuff has the slightest connection to reality, but the show must go on?

The simple fact is that nobody really cares. Every week the USA claims to kill AQ’s number one or ISIS number two or whatever, and then the next week we claim that AQ or ISIS is getting stronger so we need to start another war.

Like the usual. Create a monster first, use it to your advantage than destroy it later and take the credit for doing that. Obama did that with Bin Laden and Trump does it with Al Baghdadi. But this time his passport (Shimon Elliot) surely survived. American fairy tales.

Meanwhile, the elimination of the ISIS leader doesn’t change his plans to withdraw American forces from Syria, Trump noted.

The US troops who were sent to secure the oil fields in the country’s northeastern province of Deir ez-Zor earlier this week, will remain on site.

So is al-Baghdadi really dead or is this just one of his nine lives. Trump always gives coded messages to us. He did it when he bombed Syria; he did it at the Las Vegas shooting.

On this fake event, he said “It was like watching a movie.” That Trump’s code for “don’t believe a word I am saying.”

First he was reported dead from an air strike in 2014, then that was changed to “alive, but crippled”, then reported “having been killed/died” at various times up to April of this year, at which point a video suddenly emerged of an older Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi alive.

United States and Obama created ISIS. Then awarded himself a Nobel Peace prize. But, we can all sleep safe now, a dead man who never existed in the first place is dead again.

However, the real ISIS supreme commander Hussein ‘Barry’ Soetoro is well and sound.

ABC Flash Point III Propaganda WW News 2019.

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16-02-20 19:14

Just another freaky Mossad agent, causing havoc in the rest of the world in order to blame it on the Muslims?

Crippling Creeps
Crippling Creeps
Reply to  Kinzhal
28-06-20 12:52

Exactly ………….