The Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Sha’abi) announced on Tuesday, the launch of a military operation in the Al-Anbar Governorate of western Iraq.

The deputy commander of Anbar Operations, Ahmad Nasrallah, said in a press statement that “the operation started from the area of ​​Wadi Al-Ghari” and targeted ISIS hideouts in this vast desert region.

Wadi al-Salaam has the largest cemetery in the world.

He said that “among these valleys are Wadi al-Ghari, Wadi al-Awja and Wadi al-Malisi, which is considered one of the largest valleys in this region after Wadi Houran.”

Nasrallah continued, “The movement was carried out through these valleys, and this area was crossed, and one of the wanted persons was found, as well as weapons.”

Hashd Al-Sha’abi has been conducting military operations in western Iraq for over two years now, as they attempt to eliminate the last remnants of the ISIS terrorist brigades.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
14-04-20 18:35

Get those Zionist terrorists out of the region, and push them towards the Israeli border?