In the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Major General Hossein Salami, Iran announced the unveiling of a new missile system, which they said would “shake the enemy’s core.”

The first wave of an automatic and intelligent system implemented for the successive launch of long-range ballistic missiles of the space forces of the Revolutionary Guard, the Iranian Air Force had announced that its bombers were able to destroy the remaining virtual targets of the enemies in their guerrilla maneuver.

Brigadier General Pilot Farhad Kuderzi, spokesman for the maneuvers in its ninth phase, said that “on the second day of the main and operational phase of the exercises, F-4 bombers and fighters participated in destroying the virtual targets of the enemies.”

The Iranian Armed Forces affirmed that they are prepared to face any threat, stressing that it is committed to fulfilling the orders of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The deputy chief of the general staff of the Iranian army, Brigadier General Qara Ashtiani, said, that these maneuvers (of the air force guerrillas) basically mean the crystallization of national power.

And as you have seen, the army air force pilots have trained well in these maneuvers on combined methods, and proved that the air force is capable to confront and/or use electronic warfare.

Iran launched the 9th phase of these maneuvers in the Isfahan Province over the weekend, as they showcased their aerial prowess in a series of drills.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Syrian News 2020.

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06-11-20 20:14

Iran had patience to wait 50 years before they would start their life-line campaign against the ones that are aiming to destroy Persia all together?