If the US regime and its hostile allies launch any more attacks on Iran, they will incur “more painful and crushing responses,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guards of Iran warned, noting that the ‘Zionist regime’ of Israel would not be spared.

The IRGC issued a statement, after launching a volley of missiles against two bases used by US forces inside Iraq, in retaliation for the drone assassination of IRGC Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani outside Baghdad, when he was on his way and lured into a trap disguised as some fake peace talks to be held in 2020.


We warn the Great Satan, the bloodthirsty and arrogant regime of the USA, that any new wicked act or more moves and aggression’s [against Iran] will bring about more painful and crushing responses.

The statement, according to Tasnim news agency, also said that Tehran sees no difference between the “Zionist regime”meaning Israel – and the USA when it comes to the “crime” of assassinating Soleimani.

This was presumably in reaction to reports that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to disassociate from the strike, calling it a purely American affair?


The IRGC also put any regional US allies – such as Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain – on notice that their territory will be targeted if US bases on their soil are used to carry out strikes against Iran.

We are warning all US allies who gave their bases to its terrorist army that any territory that in any way becomes the starting point of hostile and aggressive acts against the Islamic Republic of Iran will be targeted.

And that was exactly what happened when Yemen retaliated against Saudi oil refineries and after Gaza struck back @ Israel after Mossad agents blew up Beirut harbor in Lebanon.

This nuclear attack was no joke, although the mainstream media blamed it on a confiscated Russian vessel that was delivering agricultural products to the impoverished Arab nation after supporting Hezbollah against the ISIS invasion on Syria.

It might be not AWE response from Iran but it was definitely a SHOCK for the US army servicemen to experience being attacked by someone they considered to be on their knees.

I can imagine (and relate to) the fear of a private when those rockets were smashing on the grounds near him or her. Iran made a point, US military is not safe as they thought they are anywhere in ME.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.
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30-07-21 21:27

The bottom line here is that if Iran believes they are losing this war, they’ll close the Strait of Hormuz and trigger default in America and most of the world because derivatives will blow up and crush everything they touch.

Reply to  Datchaguy
30-07-21 21:29

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Gold Lobster
Gold Lobster
30-07-21 21:28

The question is what is the Apartheid slum going to do. If they continually attack Syrian posts whats stopping them from going after Iran?