The Iranian military defense forces announced that the Shi’ite Republic will take a new move regarding the defense of its border areas.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted the commander of the Iranian border guard forces, Brigadier General Ali Kuderzi, as saying that his troops are establishing sustainable security within the Iranian border regions.

In his statement to reporters in Kermanshah (southwest Iran), Brigadier General Kuderzi announced that this governorate is among the border governorates that are candidates for the provision of smart systems.

Revealing that Iran is preparing and supplying the border strip with smart detection systems, which helps to strengthen the monitoring and foresight operations there.

Brigadier General Kuderzi referred to the movements of those he called “enemies and elements opposed to the Islamic Revolution across borders and their attempts to infiltrate and target the sacred Islamic system in Iran.

The commander of the Iranian border guard forces stressed that equipping the border strip with smart systems is one of the priorities of this force, looking forward to strengthening the foresight and control operations at the border regions through the implementation of this project.

The commander of the Iranian border guard forces added: “Iran’s competent and vigilant border guard forces play a major role in securing and protecting the country’s vulnerabilities.

Almasdar / ABC Middle East Flash Point Blog News 2021.

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07-04-21 14:07

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