A manager of an Iranian knowledge-based company says their domestically-developed Corona-virus diagnostic test kits are ready to be put to the market.

Pishtaz Teb Zaman Diagnostics can supply recommended labs with 80,000 kits every week, and has expressed its readiness to deliver 400,000 kits within the next Persian calendar month (April 20 – My 20).

COVID-19 will be correctly diagnosed in suspected patients with the product. These kits will seek out [the virus’] viral genomes, and the result will be out once the diagnosis process is completed.

Vahid Younesi, manager at Pishtaz Teb Zaman Diagnostics highlighted that his knowledge-based company has already mass-produced the Covid-19 diagnostic test kits, and is awaiting proper permits for distribution among laboratories approved by the Iranian health ministry.

Several other biotechnology firms in Iran have developed testing kits for coronavirus amid restrictions on the imports of the diagnostic tools which has come as a result of the American sanctions.

Iran has confirmed 27,000 cases of Corona-virus since the infection was spotted in the country on February 19.

More than 9,000 people have recovered and 2,077 have died of the virus, according to the latest figures provided by the health ministry.

The government has said it would exhaust all its resources to ensure there would be sufficient protective gear and vital equipment to respond to the Corona-virus outbreak in the country.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point Medical News 2020.

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