The International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled out a medal ceremony for the Russian figure skating team as well as for Valieva should she win the Women’s Single Skating tournament.

However, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) stated that Russian skater Kamila Valieva may continue to compete at the 2022 Olympics.

It’s really a nightmare, according to Lucien W Valloni, a Swiss-based sports lawyer. I know a lot of sportsmen that have been involved in doping scandals, and all of them had big, big pressure on them because of these allegations, which were not always true.

Likewise, in the [Valieva] case, we do not know whether these claims are true – whether everything is correct. It seems not. And so the pressure is very high and her image is heavily damaged forever.

According to Valloni, a huge question mark hangs above the recent behavior of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and IOC.

The Russian teenage skater has been singled out by these organizations as being a cheater, adding that this is an especially strong allegation given how much media attention the 2022 Beijing Olympics has received and that WADA and the IOC have not seemed to follow their own codes of conduct.

For its part, WADA has yet to provide a convincing explanation as to why its Stockholm laboratory returned the results of Valieva’s anti-doping test after a staggering gap of 45 days – when the Olympic Games in Beijing were in full swing – instead of the required 20.

After Valieva was allowed to compete under the CAS decision, the IOC stepped in and stripped her and her team of any potential medal ceremony.

Regardless of the final outcome of the case, the mental health and well-being of Kamila Valieva is paramount. Responsible adult officials on any side of this case should be held accountable.

he Russian teenage figure skater has fallen prey to the anti-doping movement perverted by the West for geopolitical reasons, according to Rick Sterling, a writer and journalist specializing in doping and the Olympic Games.

There is an assumption of guilt where Russian athletes are involved. It is a blatant violation of the Olympic spirit.

Common logic suggests there is virtually no possibility that anyone coaching Kamila would recommend she take a banned drug such as trimetazidine.

Yet the coaches and trainers are attacked in western media. The anti-doping movement needs to be reconsidered to resist and prevent this political manipulation.

The CAS ruling has upheld the RUSADA Anti-Doping Committee’s 9 February decision to lift the provisional ban on Valieva after banned substance trimetazidine was detected in her system.

Last week, the IOC, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Skating Union (ISU) filed complaints with the CAS over the RUSADA move.

Dismissing the agencies’ motions, CAS emphasised Valieva’s status as a protected person under the WADA Code, the potential irreparable harm this would do the 15-year old athlete.

Valieva’s December positive test could affect her Olympic results despite the athlete’s tests made before and after 25 December, 2021 being clean.

Valieva and her teammates have been left in limbo as separate proceedings concerning the positive sample have yet to take place.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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14-02-22 18:16

All of them IOC & WADA officials should resign or sacked for rampant corruption and dishonesty.

Throw them in the Bobsled Ring
Throw them in the Bobsled Ring
Reply to  Hess
14-02-22 18:17

comment image

Throw them in the Bobsled Ring
Throw them in the Bobsled Ring
15-02-22 00:42

Is this Swedish lab is the same one who find novichok in Novalni case?

Throw them in the Bobsled Ring
Throw them in the Bobsled Ring
15-02-22 00:43

Credibility is gone. The Olympics are just another American institution and as a Greek I feel ashamed. Nobody asked me if I want these Western crooks to use our history for Zionist Racist propaganda.

Notta Snowflake
Notta Snowflake
15-02-22 00:45

First they came for Maria Butina. Now this. I hope this star athlete has a very big brother with knuckles the size of walnuts who pays these Western bullying oafs a not very social call to explain to them th