The NWO Perpetrators of the Corona-virus Pandemic Hoax have targeted India with the
Covid-19 Vaccine Bio-weapon to perpetuate the appearance of Global Covid-19 Outbreaks.

The Covid Con Criminals did not even try to hide their genocidal deceit where it concerns the recent explosion of Corona-virus clusters throughout India which have only occurred because the government-ordered mass Covid-19 vaccination programs.

Their highly organized conspiracy to commit mass murder on the subcontinent of India was quite simple: Stop the use of the extremely effective treatment for Covid-19 known as Ivermectin; and start the mass Covid-19 vaccination programs with the dangerous and deadly Covid-19 poison injections.

What then transpired was perfectly predictable: the vaccinated not only came down with the Corona Multi-infection Syndrome and died en masse, those who survive become shedders and super spreaders.

In so becoming, every vaxxed Indian became an immediate vector of dissemination for Covid-19 causing a literal explosion of Corona-virus cases nationwide.

As always, there’s much more to this international Corona criminal conspiracy than meets the eye.

Every time you think the Covid Con criminals are winding down this global pandemic hoax, they brazenly perpetrate a new COVID-19 crime spree and/or Covid-19 vaccine crime wave.

These New World Order globalists, such as Corona fraudsters Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Rochelle P. Walensky and Tedros Adhanom are real pros where it concerns deceiving the entire world community of nations into the false belief in a worldwide Corona-virus pandemic.

After all, SARS-COV-2 does not even exist since it has never been isolated or proven to exist according to Koch’s postulates.

Furthermore, the same Covid-19 hoaxsters have conned the whole world, and now especially India, into the utterly fictitious notion that that Covid-19 injections actually work.

Not only do these extremely toxic injections not work, even the FDA has yet to officially state that they are safe and effective on their website.

India was chosen as a massive national experiment quite purposefully due to the depopulation goals of this Plandemic.

Rural India is very vulnerable to being stampeded into the pen of vaccine compliance due to widespread ignorance and societal fear that surround infectious disease epidemics.

Hence, it was quite easy to corral millions of unaware and unsuspecting Indians into this genocidal experiment.

Just as Israel was used as the initial national poster child for the West in order to convince all the Western powers that the vaccinazi was okay, India is being used to convince the East that all is well with the exceedingly dangerous and deadly Covid-19 shots.

Even though very few geopolitical analysts have pointed it out, Tel Aviv has closely aligned with New Delhi regarding a number of very important global initiatives and causes.

Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi have both overtly and covertly collaborated to “Make India Great Again” through unprecedented transfers of technology and massive capital investment.

The Indian Covid vaccination program was greatly facilitated through the assistance of Israel after Tel Aviv successfully vaccinated virtually the entire Israeli populace.  In other words, Modi and Netanyahu have colluded throughout every aspect of  OPERATION JAB INDIA.

The fastidiously engineered Covid crisis in India is being used in the same way that the NWO globalist cabal used it in the USA to bring about Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat (although he really did win by an overwhelming landslide).

PM Modi is also a conservative nationalist whose party is under enormous political pressure to get the fake pandemic under control, a political party which is now suffering major losses at the polls

Basically, Modi has been given the ultimatum by his hidden Zionist masters: Either vaccinate every Indian and stop the Ivermectin ~ OR ~ lose the upcoming PM election.

The reality is that he’s destined to lose regardless of what he does at this point. especially after Modi has refused to enforce further lock-downs.

The stark reality is that OPERATION JAB INDIA is just the next phase of a complex Zionist criminal conspiracy of bioterrorism being run by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis using both India and China as pawns on the global geopolitical chessboard.

And all this to lock down planet Earth under the tyranny of a One World Government headquartered in Jerusalem and policed by a Global Security Superstate under the rubric of the rapidly emerging AI-directed COVID-1984.

Millennium Report / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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30-05-21 02:57

What a sad result?