It has been confirmed that the International Monetary Fund, also known as IMF, has rejected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s request for US$5 billion in order to fight the Corona-virus pandemic in the Latin American country.

For over a year, the IMF has been involved in the rhetoric over admitting the legitimacy of democratically elected President Maduro or regarding the US-puppet politician Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela.

In the meanwhile the US regime and banks have frozen all possible Venezuelan assets, causing a estimated $100 billion damage, plunging the oil-rich country into poverty. At the same time the western media blames Maduro for the life threatening problems.

Now, Maduro had sent a letter to the IMF, explaining the requested money was meant to strengthen the response capacities of the Venezuelan health system in the containment of the Corona-virus pandemic, as the system has been heavily battered by illegal US sanctions.

From the start, the IMF has been involved in the possible destruction of Venezuela. The IMF was the first institution to sanction the government in Caracas, by blocking Maduro to use US dollars to buy medicine and other life saving necessities.

The entire political fuzz in the Latin American country is all about the exploitation of lucrative oil contracts in Venezuela, which has the largest proven oil and gold reserves in the world.

At a sudden point in time, Hugo Chavez kicked the Zionist American oil companies out of Venezuela in order to flow the profits back to the people instead of those ending up in the pockets of the oil giants and their so-called shareholders.

Socialist Venezuela is the only country in the world that directs 70% of its BNP to the tax paying people in order to improve the quality life of its beloved citizens.

Capitalist entities are judging this attitude saying the Latin population must work to get their share of income, instead of subsidizing the poor at the cost of hard working middle class.

Venezuela Today / AB Canada Flash Point News 2020.

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21-03-20 12:57

The Washington-based IMF and the US White House regime both want Venezuela to collapse in order to take over all its oil- and gold reserves?

Reply to  Killary
02-02-23 03:19

Professional robbers,, exposing the story upside down?

Palu Duru
22-04-20 13:18

Helping Venezuela was never the intention of the IMF.