Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared himself the winner of Sunday’s elections in Hungary as his conservative Fidesz-KDNP party holds on to a comfortable lead amid the vote-counting.

As of 9 PM local time, the party is ahead with 60% of the votes, with 23 % of party-list ballots counted. Despite the six leading opposition parties uniting to try to knock out Orban’s government under its banner, United for Hungary has only 29 % of the vote thus far.

Under consideration in Sunday’s vote was a referendum on child protection issues, which Orban’s government hopes will result in a mandate to shield underage children from being taught about sexual orientation, shown sexually explicit media, or exposed to supportive portrayals of gender reassignment therapy.

The United for Hungary opposition called on its supporters to attempt to invalidate the referendum by marking both “yes” and “no” for the referendum’s questions, while attempting to smear Orban as a ‘Russian puppet’ in the days leading up to the vote.

Most votes from the rural areas, home to Orban’s most enthusiastic supporters, are likely to have been counted, which might shrink his lead towards the end of the election results.

The Hungarian leader’s refusal to completely cut off relations with Moscow has been seen by supporters as pragmatic, given the European nation gets most of its energy from Russia and has no alternative sources available to meet all its fuel needs in the event of an embargo.

This isn’t our war, we have to stay out of it, the premier said during a campaign rally on Friday, shutting down critics by pointing out that Ukrainian President Zelensky is not voting today nor is Russian President Vladimir Putin running in the Hungarian elections.

The CIA will have busy year trying to topple the governments in Serbia, Hungary and Pakistan, so watch out because a Maidan might also be coming to Budapest.

What? The child abuse is so bad they have to make new laws? There needs to be investigations of administrators and teachers. Fire and jail them. This is totally sick. Make laws that say anyone who does this can not be by children. Like they do to sex predators.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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04-04-22 01:53

This is good news for the stability of Europe: a change of government with more pro-EU policies in Hungary is undesirable in the present crisis.

04-04-22 01:55

Man! I respect Hungarians. Six parties backed by Soros, CIA and the Big Tech Criminal cartel and Orban wipes the floor with all of them. Congratulation to Hungary and its Citizens!

04-04-22 01:56

Viktor Orban can win against any EU leaders in their own country.

04-04-22 01:57

Countries like Slovakia and Hungary are facing the reality of life and becoming sober. Next in line is Germany.