Cryptocurrencies are built on everything that makes up the concept of individual sovereignty, like peer-to-peer networks and encryption. But there are other tools online to keep you from being enslaved by the world’s monopolies.

These guys don’t need governments anymore because they are being paid by corporations (which have more power than the US government) to think and talk like that.

Regular citizens of the world have no chance to remain “autonomous” when corporations, groups of interests and organized crime are no longer limited by state powers.

The state should be the one who can have the data, and companies like transportation should have only the government insurance that I can have access to their service.

In the end it doesn’t matter anymore. People like us will be robbed and unheard. If they can’t get your money, then they’ll get you personally.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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30-10-21 13:59

No defense against criminal entities, maybe the first- and second line defense can be operated for while, but in the end swarm attacks will close the final chapter?