The American film industry changed beyond recognition after the milestone year of 9/11 in 2001, director Oliver Stone told RT, with producers using financial restraints to censor movies challenging the invading US military or the CIA.

You can take the budgets down, let’s say you want to make a film criticizing the American military, taking an Iraq war story or a horror story that recently happened in Iraq. If people want to do those kinds of stories, it’s not going to happen,” he explained.

Stone, who scored a number of Academy and Golden Globe awards, has been widely criticized for his anti-war dramas.

And, most recently, he has been trashed for a series of films questioning the widespread Western narrative on the Ukrainian turmoil, as well as exclusive interviews with Vladimir Putin.

Now, censorship isn’t something that exclusively affects the American film industry,” Stone lamented, “I can read the American media but they all say the same things.

While you don’t hear from Iran and China, you don’t hear from [North] Korea, you don’t hear from Venezuela, you don’t get their point of view @ all.

The CIA realized – after World War II, basically – they [went into] the business, the news business, they put their people, their agents at newspapers, at magazines and television.

The famed film director sounded pessimistic when asked if there is hope for change – or, at least, if the system allows for that change. He said that both parties – be it Democrats or Republicans – act by the same elite playbook when dealing with issues of war and peace.

Oliver Stone thinks Donald Trump who has done “horrible things” by pulling out of the Paris climate accords and the hard-earned 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

But, argued Stone, at least Trump was asking why the US needs to fight the Russians, which alarmed the mainstream so much that the media was attacking him from day one.

Stone lamented that politics is transiting from the art of the possible to the art of raising money. So much money is spent in politics, it’s impossible for my vote to make any difference… Candidates in America now have to raise billions of dollars to be considered serious, Stone said.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call
03-04-21 22:47

Hollywood the imploded empire enacted by the so-called holocaust victims?