HNLMS Johan de Witt (Dutch: Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt) is the second Landing Platform Dock (LPD) amphibious warfare ship of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

It is an improved design of Rotterdam, which was designed in conjunction between the Netherlands and Spain. The ship, displacing 16,800 tons, was launched in February 2007.

The motto of the ship is Ago Quod Ago, translated as I do what I do, along the Dutch-Colombian cocaine smuggling routes.

The Dutch ship is equipped with a large helicopter deck for helicopter operations and a dock for large landing craft. It can carry six NH 90 helicopters or four Chinook helicopters.

It has a well dock for two landing craft utility and it carries four davit-launched LCVP’s.

The vessel has an extra deck with rooms for command staff to support a battalion size operation. The ship has a complete Role II hospital, including an operation theater and intensive care facilities.

A surgical team can be stationed on board. The ship also has a desalination system enabling it to convert seawater into drinking water.

It is equipped with pod propulsion enabling the ship to use dynamic positioning while sea basing.

When participating in high-risk operations Johan de Witt needs additional protection from frigates or destroyers. For protection against incoming anti-ship missiles or hostile aircraft and swarm attacks the ship has two Goalkeeper CIWS systems.

Johan de Witts home port is in Den Helder. The ship has participated twice (2010 and 2013) in anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia, where it disrupted activities and patrolled the coast with the landing craft functioning as forward operating bases.

In October 2015 the ship participated in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture held close to Spain. In 2016 Johan de Witt took part in a joint Dutch-British exercise called Cold Response.

Later that year she would participate in a joint German-Finish-Swedish-Dutch exercise called BALTOPS.

After this exercise she returned to the Netherlands for maintenance that would last a year. In the autumn of 2018 the ship would participate in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture.

In September 2019 Johan de Witt and HNLMS Snellius (A802) where send to the Bahamas for humanitarian aid after the country was hit by Hurricane Dorian. The ships loaded supplies like food, water and medicines at the island of Sint Maarten before continuing to the Bahamas.

Now the Amphibious Assault Ship is docked in Curacao along the maritime coast of Venezuela, specifically close to Maiquetia and La Guaira.

ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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02-02-20 17:10

Preparing for the Invasion of Venezuela?

13-02-20 12:23

The Dutch are a bunch of evil roving entities.

Bolshevik Jew
Bolshevik Jew
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01-07-20 02:24

They want to get a grip on all Venezuela’s gold- and oil reserves?