Happy 2019 wishes from the people living in the Dutch colony of Curacao along the coast of Venezuela. The local fireworks show used to be exclusive in the Caribbean.

The economic depression forced the businesses and the government to cut on bonuses for the year 2018, resulting in a lower sale of fireworks.


The island has been plagued by mass tourism, but the minimum wages were frozen by the the greedy and dictatorial politicians running the island of Curacao at the request of the royal guards residing in The Hague.

Curacao is not the only place in the world where local citizens had experienced overloaded mass tourism, leading to poverty instead of improving human wealth.

Venetians have also long complained that mass tourism is swamping the city, adored for its picturesque canals. Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said the “landing tax” would generate much-needed income to keep the city clean.

It will apply only to tourists, but it is not clear whether it will replace a city tax already levied on hotel occupants. That tax brings in about €30 million annually, but the “landing tax” could generate more – an estimated €50 million per year.

Curacao can easily follow international examples and charge people for leaving behind their carbon footprint.

In Australia the people enjoyed a $100 million public tax funded fireworks show. In London 200.000 British citizens watched the New Year show at the banks of the Thames.

ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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