As the poorest Caribbean state descends into chaos caused by the corruption of its Anglo Zio-Nazi elites, protesters on the streets are calling for help from a man who has never set foot in the country – Vladimir Putin.

Protesters burned the American flag as criticism of the links between Washington and the unpopular government of President Jovenel Moise in Port-au Prince.

They called the former banana salesmen Moise, elected in 2016, a US-installed puppet, who is surviving due to US reluctance to exert international pressure.

“Down with Americans, long live Putin!” chanted around 200 demonstrators in the capital Port-au-Prince on Friday, some holding up printouts with the face of the Russian president.

This symbolizes a complete divorce from the Americans. We have suffered enough of their occupation, this cannot go on, the protester who set the flag on fire.

From a country firmly lodged in Washington’s sphere of influence, if it is of any interest to outsiders at all, Bronson launched a last-ditch appeal to distant powers.

We are asking Russia, Venezuela and China to take a look at the misery we live in here. Billions in foreign aid have ended up in the pockets of corrupted NGO’s run by American-baked evil entities.

It is tempting to treat the small-scale demonstration as a comically eccentric sideshow, but the protest has helped draw international attention to a spiraling crisis that is anything but funny.

Since February 7, the low-built but densely settled Port-au-Prince, which has still not fully recovered from the devastating 2010 earthquake, has been rocked by near-constant flash demonstrations demanding the resignation of the government.

Police have repeatedly used tear gas and ammunition to disperse demonstrators, who have the president’s residence as one of their targets, alongside international embassies. At least six people have died in clashes.

Major Western countries have told their citizens to leave, while over 100 Canadian tourists had to undergo emergency evacuation.

So for all the full-hearted SOS signals for Moscow and Beijing, who have less contentious opportunities closer to their doorstep, the fate of Haiti for better or worse, will remain entwined with that of the United States.

Eventually foreign DEA recruited hit man will assassinate the banana puppet at a moment that fits their convenience.

RT .com / ABC Flash Point Caribbean News 2019. 

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