On Thursday, the Netherlands and Great Britain claimed that they had foiled cyber attacks by Russian government hackers, while the USA suddenly indicted seven agents of Russian military intelligence for a series of unproven hacking attacks.

Canada joined in on the smear campaign, saying that “malicious cyber-operations” also targeted the nation’s services.

Unfortunately this is what secret agencies do for a living all the time, hacking and derailing its enemy defenses in order to confiscate properties or minerals after a democratic military invasion.

To make the media horror show more interesting, the Western Nazi-style propaganda machine also accused Russia for hacking into the MH-17 investigation, after they presented unmatched facts about the Malaysian airline disaster in Ukraine.

The propaganda media storm that immediately ensued is simply part of a coordinated attacks on Russia that lack proper proof and are meant to smear its reputation.

At the same time, there is a meeting of NATO countries in Brussels today and they are discussing cyber warfare. NATO countries are basically planning to create their own “James Bond style” cyber forces.

Western nations uses the media to amplify anti-Russian allegations, while providing little or no evidence at all to back the claims.

Maybe the “War on Terrorism” should be renamed the “War on Tourism,” in order to protect the entire West against the Russians, minding their own business, while NATO forces are clogged up in former Warsaw Pact countries on Russia’s doorstep.

And after the media hype is over, whatever case they have against Russia is not shown to the public, because it suddenly becomes classified again?

Russia believes that whatever concerns other nations have about its actions should be discussed at talks with facts at hand and in a serious manner and not broadcast through the fake media in the way that is happening now.

RT.com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2018.

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18-02-20 11:16

The usual suspects?