The rules that ensured media companies would not dominate individual geographic markets by buying up newspapers, radio stations and television properties in major cities, have changed.

Today, newspapers, radio stations and television properties are more concerned with basic survival. It’s almost as though the principles that seemed so important a few years ago – competition and free and open debate – have become irrelevant to government.

Few big media companies are even interested in the benefits of dominating individual markets. As the most important and vital forms of media are now on-line, Google and Facebook now determine the difference between fake- and real news.

Welcome to the new fascist “Internet Police”.

The two giant internet companies have become so dominant in media nationally and internationally that geographic dominance doesn’t seem so important anymore.

Google and Facebook, sharing an ultra-left world view, dominate both advertising revenues and control of the distribution of content in America and throughout the Western world.

Add Amazon to the mix and the deck is so stacked against independent media voices and freedom of speech that the First Amendment could soon become a meaningless, irrelevant relic.

Together, the three companies, are without question the most important media companies in the world – even though they aren’t known for creating content.

The world view of Google, Facebook and Amazon is not unlike the world view of San Francisco or Berkeley anymore, it sees “conservative” ideas simply as “hate speech.”

Now that lift off has become impossible at high seas, the new western fake news complex is keeping its people in a totalitarian nightmare. 

The irony is that this alleged Russian “fake news” plied through social media is eclipsed by the overarching and actual fake news told by supposedly prestigious news media like the New York Times, ABC, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC among others.

Now American citizens have a problem telling the difference between facts and opinion, so Zionist Censorship has won the day. The hour is late. The stakes are high. The window of opportunity is closing.

ABC Flash Point Media News 2018.

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