With all the attention paid to Facebook in recent months over data breaches and privacy violations, its easy to forget that there are four other Big Tech companies collecting just as much much, if not more, of our personal info.

Data mining is a very lucrative business, except for the victims involved, as data proved to support secretive government human engineering agenda’s. Things you do, things you create and things that shape your identity are logged onto.

Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are all central players in “surveillance capitalism” and pray on our data. New reports suggest that Google may actually harvest ten times as much as Facebook.

The difference is that Google is also tracking your real-life movements via smart phones or tablets. This includes logging frequently visited places, foreign countries and cities, bars and restaurants, but also the time spent there, and even the path people drive to get there.

This of course is not new. It has been well known for some time that Google silently tracks you everywhere you go and creates a map of your psychical movement through its location history feature, something people can deactivate by going to their time line and adjust the preferences.


Like Facebook, Google gathers tour info for sale to 3rd-party advertisers, including your name and email address, telephone number, credit card, your mode of interaction with any website that uses Google AdWords, your device and search memories.

People who do not enter their account settings and make adjustments, anything you do on line will be tracked. Google policy also lists the three major categories of data collection.

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