Of particular concern, presently, is the mammoth global gambling casino that wraps around the world like a money-sucking octopus.

It’s no wonder that all of the casino resorts in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and other gambling centers are owned and operated by agents (such as the zealous Zionist Sheldon Adelson) of the International Banking Cartel.

These gambling operations also provide countless opportunities to develop other illicit businesses such as prostitution, extortion, weapons and drug dealing, as well as some legitimate enterprises looking to evade taxes.

Perhaps the most important function of the gambling industry worldwide is to provide critical money-laundering services for so much illegal cash generated from the IBC’s outlawed business activities.

The global industry for casinos and gaming holds down a current net worth of over $500 billion. About $300 billion flows through a Dutch telecom business registered in Curacao. These offshore licenses were granted by UTS for a couple of thousand guilders per year.

The growth in the industry is driven by the introduction of legislation by governments that formerly banned casinos to operate and the lifting of some bans on foreign investment and ownership of casinos.

Also relevant is the emergence of many new establishments in these areas which are mega-casinos with hotels and other major entertainment elements attached to attract their domestic as well as international guests.

ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Organ trading maniacs ruling the horror show?