BERLIN – Germany has taken a big package of measures, and even if Russia no longer supplies gas to Germany, the country probably can still manage this winter.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz cholz noted that the country is currently building liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals on the North German coast, on the North and Baltic Seas, as well as pipelines to additionally import liquefied gas products.

The first terminals will be launched in 2023. A decision was also made to fill the country’s gas storage facilities. In addition, the government decided to resume the operation of coal-fired power plants.

The priority right now is to ensure the supply of energy sources, such as coal, oil and gas, from Russia, Norway, the Netherlands and through the Western European direction, according to Scholz.

During a series of dialogues with citizens, in the format of a city assembly, the official plans to visit all 16 federal states of Germany. The first of these meetings took place in the summer in Lubeck and then in Magdeburg.

Nord Stream 1, the main pipeline supplying Europe with Russian natural gas, was operating at 40% of its capacity since mid-June and at 20% from the end of July.

Russian energy giant Gazprom attributed lower volumes to the problems with maintenance and stalled repair of the Siemens turbines by Canada.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Oil & Gas Supply News 2022.

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King Kong
01-09-22 22:07

comment image

01-09-22 22:31

Those Siemens turbines are not delivered due to Germany not allowing Siemens to sign them over OFFICIALLY as it would break their sanctions – Russia insists on the legal contract being implemented -one turbine in Germany the rest still in Canada.

Shooting your self in the foot is daft — shooting BOTH feet is insanity.

The Western general public will suffer heavily for this Political decision made by the White -House NOT Germany- “no fuel – let them eat cake “( to heat themselves) .

Kambia Nada
Kambia Nada
Reply to  Donnchadh
02-09-22 13:16

Make them eat uranium cake, instead ?

Reply to  Kambia Nada
02-09-22 14:20

They already are — UK re-exports from the USA LPG to the EU who have found it contains well over the regulations of radioactive material -EU complains to the UK .

In other words “dirty ” LNG -checkout the hydraulic processes and chemicals used to obtain US FRACKED gas.

They kill their own people in the USA with cancerous contaminated ground water.