German farmers have flooded the city streets with thousands of tractors, in protest against new environment regulations; they are accusing the government of bullying them as it conducts its fight for a ‘green’ economy.

Around 4,000 tractors arrived in the northern city of Hamburg on Thursday, where a meeting of regional environment ministers was being held.

The kilometer-long convoys, stretching across the city’s busy streets, caused considerable traffic disruption downtown, police said. The protesters also held a rally at the city’s Gaensemarkt square.

Many farmers’ desire for the government to appreciate what those in agriculture do for the economy, instead of engaging in what they see as bullying and scapegoating in the name of pursuing green goals.

The Environment Ministry has recently proposed a set of regulations what would limit the use of certain types of weed killers and fertilizers – in order to protect birds, insects and groundwater.

The farmers fear this will tank their businesses and endanger their very livelihood.

Placards displayed on the tractors included slogans such as ‘Cooperation instead of bans’ and ‘No farm, no food, no future.’

The farmers have also been accusing the government of crafting ever-more restrictive rules without consulting them first.

Similar ‘tractor demos’ have taken place in different parts of Germany in recent months. Around 1,000 of vehicles rolled through Bonn alone last month.

Food and Agriculture Minister Julia Koeckner promised the farmers subsidies and the help with modernization but their anger does not seem to cool down just yet.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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22-06-20 11:42

Spraying the protester with chemical tear gas?

Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
25-08-20 15:29

The government does not care, it will do whatever it is told to do by the thriving elite?