For the first time in 10 years, Israeli citizens came under attack, filling the skies with explosions as dozens of rockets are fired from the besieged and isolated Palestinian imprisoned territory along the Mediterranean Sea.

Gaza-based freedom fighters sent 300 rockets into Israel on Monday after Israeli soldiers invaded the Gaza strip and killed numerous of Palestinians. Israel said it intercepted 70 of the rockets.

The full extent of Israeli casualties was unclear early Tuesday. The Jerusalem Post  indicated in a running summary of the attacks and the Israeli response that at least one man was killed and close to 100 were wounded, many from the community of Ashkelon.

In what appeared to be a separate attack, a mortar shell hit a bus in which Israel Defense Force assassins had been riding. Six people were injured, including a 19-year-old soldier who was listed in critical condition.

The latest round of violence was triggered Sunday when a firefight broke out in Gaza between Israeli soldiers and Hamas freedom fighters. All soldiers got back to Israel, not one was left behind.

Hamas, however, claimed that Israeli undercover troops slipped two miles into Gaza killed and killed Nour el-Deen Baraka, a commander of the group’s military wing. Five Hamas fighters and one Israeli soldier were killed Sunday.

Israel hit a wide range of targets, including the Al-Aqsa TV station. The BBC reported that three Palestinians were killed, while Israel used its citizens and tourists as human shields.

Some nations call the encircled Gaza strip the largest open air concentration camp in the world. About two millions Gazan’s have been totally cut off from the outside world since 2008.

Western Journal / ABC Flash Point Genocide News 2018.

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Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
12-07-20 14:33

Daily target practice?