Yellow Vests have planned action across the Netherlands to protest against political correctness and immigration policies, and to call for the resignation of left-liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Unlike the French Yellow Vests, or Yellow Jackets, whose protest originated in reaction to Paris Climate Accord-inspired green tax hikes on fuel, their Dutch counterparts began their movement over government policies including immigration and health care.

The Dutch protesters are also calling for a reduction in excise duties, the lowering of the age at which pensions can be received, and for the Dutch prime minister to step down.

While last weekend’s protest in Paris were marked as violent, the ones in Maastricht, Groningen, and The Hague were said to have come off relatively peacefully, with only a few arrests made by the state police.

Freedom of expression is under pressure, the Dutch government has to be politically correct, but it is a big struggle. The Dutch poverty rates are rising dramatically, the Netherlands is the most polluted nation in Europe.

About 30 people commit suicide every day now, which is censored and silenced by the mainstream media and medical officials, while 200.000 desperate Dutch citizens style refugees leave the country every year.

The French Yellow Vest protest movement against high taxes has spread to Belgium after protesters clashed with police in Brussels on Friday.

Like the protests that have been taking place across France for the past two weeks, protesters blocked traffic, some handing out yellow vests to drivers and bystanders.

Hundreds of Belgians wearing the yellow vests synonymous with the French grassroots movement are believed to have been protesting against living costs, high fuel taxes, and low wages and lowered pensions.

ABC Flash Point Revolution News 2018.

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