A consortium led by the US investment fund Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) is selling a controlling stake of 50.01% in Gatwick airport to Vinci Airports,

Vinci airports is one of the world’s top airport operators and part of the infrastructure group Vinci. Vinci and GIP will now manage Gatwick together.

French state-owned Vinci Airports is taking a controlling stake in Gatwick for £2.9 billion, a week after the UK’s second-biggest airport was brought to a standstill by a series of drone sightings.

The deal was delayed by the chaos caused by three days of drone sightings in the run-up to Christmas.

Gatwick, the eighth-busiest airport in Europe by passenger numbers, was forced to close its runway, disrupting flights for 140,000 passengers.

Foreigners now control British water supplies and railway services; they control the energy suppliers and are heavily involved in the technology industries (as concerns about Chinese firm Huawei have demonstrated).

Let’s remember it was Conservatives like Mrs May who originally sold off the British state-owned assets. Privatization, and yes, yet Theresa May keeps trying to tell the voters she is taking back control of our destiny for us?

Brexit is not about the British taking back control of anything. It is about the Tories tightening their grip around our throats after they sold off everything that was worth controllingto Europe.

Brexit is a major rip-off deal impoverishing the British citizens, handing over control to European nationalist entities?

Now it’s the people who will suffer, if Brexit happens in any of the forms Mrs May is threatening.

And don’t complain about the Opposition parties failing to call a second referendum. Simple Parliamentary arithmetic shows they can’t.

Anybody who whines about Jeremy Corbyn failing to stop Brexit needs to take a crash course in personal responsibility.

Vox Political on-line / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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13-09-21 12:20

Sharing the profits with outside agents?