Paris, France 15/01/2020  :

French people have taken to the streets of Paris to protest against the planned Zionist backed pension reforms.

The country’s Interior Ministry reported earlier this month that 149,000 people took part in rallies against the pension reform throughout France.

On 5 December, France saw the beginning of the indefinite national strike against President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative, which will take away a number of privileges and special retirement conditions from certain categories of workers, including those working in transport.

As a result of the strike, the country’s transportation networks have been thrown into chaos.

The government’s plans to replace 42 different pension schemes with a universal, points-based system. The decision has infuriated many public service employees.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Europe News 2020.

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Keir Brown
Keir Brown
29-03-23 19:40

France has been on fire for many years now, resulting in a Zionist exodus to Israel?