Over half of French care home workers are proven to be reluctant to take Covid-19 vaccines due to lack of ‘confidence’ in government. Especially nursing home staff in France are hesitant to take a ‘killer’ Covid-19 jab.

France has one of the highest vaccine skepticism rates in the world, the country’s media reported earlier this month. Four in ten people there say they are unlikely to get vaccinated against the novel Corona-virus anytime soon.

The sentiment seems to be even more widespread among the French medical caregivers since around half of them are in no rush to take the injection, citing data provided by the officials and experts overseeing the national vaccine rollout.

The situation appears to be particularly odd due to the fact that elderly people in care homes are at higher unconfirmed risk of contracting the disease and suffering the severe consequences of infection?

According to government statistics, 25,000 people died from or because of Covid-19 in French nursing homes. That is more than a quarter of the total national death toll linked to Covid-19, which amounts to over 87,000.

Humans are used as medical test object, which is something the health insurance agencies will not cover according to their policies.

Still, many health workers are simply afraid to get and be vaccinated, as a care home worker and a trade union official with the French General Confederation of Labor Malika Belarbi told RT, adding that the lack of proper communication between the government and the medical workers is at large here.

The government also appears to sometimes only strengthen such convictions. In late January, French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that the Astra-Zeneca jab appeared to be only “quasi-effective” for people over 65 years of age.

Those who do want to take the injection opt for the US Pfizer vaccine since it has 90% efficacy. The British Astra-Zeneca is shunned by health workers since it has only a 70% efficacy rate. However the connected vaccine death rates have not been revealed yet.

The French media reports can sometimes be not particularly reassuring either. In February, Le Monde said that caregivers reported strong side effects, such as fever and fatigue” after getting an Astra-Zeneca jab, with “influenza-like illnesses, which are often very intense.

The vaccine skepticism among medical workers has apparently become so widespread that it prompted top French officials to obligatory intervene?

Last week, French Health Minister Olivier Veran called on all health workers to vaccinate “rapidly”, saying that it is a matter of “our collective security” and the capacity of the French health system to function.

France’s National Academy of Medicine took a step further and suggested making vaccination compulsory for medical workers in one of its recent tweets.

However, caregivers want to protect themselves, their loved ones and people in their care. What they need, she said, is open communication with the authorities and up-to-date information on vaccines.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Vacci-Nazi News 2021.

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Mikael Vyacheslave
11-03-21 23:02

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