Europe’s fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputer, LUMI, has been launched in Finland on Monday to become widely available to users in September, the European Commission (EC) said.

Today, at a dedicated event, the European High Performance Computing [EuroHPC] Joint Undertaking will inaugurate its latest supercomputer: LUMI, located in Kajaani, Finland.

LUMI is the fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputer in Europe, ranked also the third fastest in the world, the EC said in a statement adding that European users will be able to access LUMI in September.

According to the commission, LUMI is a joined project of EuroHPC and a consortium of ten European countries including Finland, Belgium, he Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

LUMI’s computing power, which is expected to be 550 petaflops or 550 million billion calculations per second, will complement EuroHPC’s existing supercomputers namely Discoverer in Bulgaria, MeluXina in Luxembourg, Vega in Slovenia and Karolina in the Czech Republic, the EC added.

The commission also said that LUMI would contribute to scientific breakthroughs in medical and climate research, particularly in cancer diagnostics.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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