A five-party government in Helsinki, Finland agreed to increase the country’s defense spending by over 70%. Finland borders Russia and actually holds the largest European Union/Russia border in the world.

The new spending includes 1.74 billion euros on ‘materials’ such as weapons and guns, 163 million for an aircraft surveillance unit at the border, and defense forces are expected to get more training throughout the next few years.


Russia’s noncritical neighbor felt this more was necessary as they do not have a strategic alliance with NATO and even though they are a part of the European Union this one-time boost was seen as a necessity for the safety and security of the Finish people.

But overall, it would be hard to see NATO invading such an innocent country that it has no traditional connection to and doesn’t have an ounce of a resource Europe would need.

The war in Europe has fundamentally changed our security environment for this reason we have decided to allocate a significant budgetary increase to the defense forces.


Finland is an incredible socialist country and public opinion resonates a massive amount because of the way their government is set up.

In the past months public opinion has shifted to a more pro-defense stance and the majority of Finish people would like to see peace instead of war.

Finland had suffered a series of cyber-attacks and a Russian state plane may have breached Finish air space. Likely not a coincidence in the light of NATO asking Finland to join the military war unit against Russia.

Defense World Network / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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10-05-22 16:22

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