State Terror is a leading cause of death among men in the West. Over 60.000 fathers committed suicide because of family court decisions.

Of course, many have known this for years, but slowly but surely, the numbers are becoming clearer. It’s no secret that men commit suicide four to five times more often than the poor little oppressed female.

According to insiders in the State’s apparatus, about half of these suicides are directly related to the travesty of the family courts, where children are robbed from their loving fathers at the behest of psychopathic women, and the feminists in the State Agencies.

And this is only suicide. We only have to remember our friend Tom David to realize that a great many men die of ‘natural causes’ (heart attacks, addiction, PTSD) as well.

Feminism is a bizarre hate ideology, which brazenly claims ‘equality’ for women, and points at family life as the source of ‘oppression’ of women by men.

The goal of the ideology is to demolish paternal authority as the basis of family life. Family, as a collective, is seen as a competitor by the State, who prefer isolated individuals, more dependent on the State.

Of course, the State goons, the Judges, the Lawyers, the Cops, the child kidnapping swine of Child ‘Protection’ Services know exactly what they are doing. Friday afternoon they laugh themselves into a stupor over all the guys they fucked over, while drinking beer together.

Lobotomized victims of State indoctrination (‘education’) all still love it dearly, swooning over all these ‘brave’ and ‘strong’ women who are clearly very oppressed when their dad is telling them to not be a whore.

For the time being, no improvement of the situation is foreseeable. Men will continue to die, fertility rates will continue to decline, and more and more of the few children we are still having, will grow up without their dad.

Marriage, as the foundational institution of society and civilization, is dead, as young men refuse to marry, knowing it only serves to get Big Brother a seat at the dining table.

Women throughout the West, allowed to speak in public while grown men are remaining silent, with 55% of the vote, continue to parrot the State’s nonsense, and the emasculated continue to prop them up.

Meanwhile, submission in exchange for love is and remains the basic heterosexual contract. Women who know the power of submission find love, shelter, and the solution to their anxieties. Women claiming ‘equality’ end up alone, bitter, resentful, and used up.


Feminism is a communist agenda to abolish the family unit. Abolishing the family unit makes the collective into people’s family and is why the Catholic Church imposes celibacy and why China has the one child policy.

Abolishing the family also abolishes inheritance. Abolishing the family helps further the agenda of abolishing hierarchy and creating a stateless, classless, moneyless, and propertyless society. Feminism is part of the Jesuits goal to make all of mankind into one large monastery. / Anthony Migchels 2018.

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Pan Cayente
Pan Cayente
18-06-20 05:17

The new form of cultural racism?

Reply to  Pan Cayente
17-08-20 13:05

How to mentally torture and kill men?