A truck bomb explosion rocked the Amsterdam suburb of Osdorp on Tuesday night where protests against new Corona-virus curfew restrictions were underway.

Protests against new Corona-virus related lock-down restrictions, particularly a curfew introduced in the Netherlands on 23 January, 2021 have been ongoing since Sunday.

Dutch police used water cannons and, reportedly, tear gas to disperse anti-lock-down protesters in the cities of Amsterdam and Eindhoven, since some of the protesters threw firecrackers and projectiles at officers.

Some of the demonstrations evolved into partially (undercover police) fabricated riots, with violent protesters looting stores, storming through the streets, smashing vehicles and turning them over.

Video shared on social media on Tuesday shows a white truck emit plumes of smoke before erupting in a loud explosion.

Earlier on Monday, several Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem and Den Bosch, saw the revolution, with some demonstrators throwing explosives under cars and setting objects on fire.

The first day of protests that followed the introduction of a curfew during the ongoing Corona-virus related lock-down in the Netherlands saw about 200 people detained by police, as some demonstrators reportedly threw firecrackers and clashed with officers.

Violent revolutions occurred in several Dutch cities on Monday, particularly in Rotterdam, Haarlem, Den Bosch and Geleen.

Protesters were caught on camera destroying public places, smashing cars and throwing bikes, while also throwing firecrackers and even attempting to explode vehicles on the streets.

Earlier, the Dutch government extended the almost full lock-down introduced on December 15, 2020 until February 9, 2021.

It orders all non-grocery and non-essential shops to close, shutting down all cafes, museums, theaters, pools, gyms, barbers and other public venues. Also, it calls for all educational facilities to operate remotely.

Crowds of young people flocked the streets of Dutch cities as the government announced a coronavirus-related curfew, prohibiting citizens from going out from 9 p.m. until 4:30 a.m., local time.

The Netherlands is banning flights from the United Kingdom starting Sunday because of a new strain of the COVID-19 Corona-virus that threatens to spread far more rapidly than other variants, the Dutch government announced in a statement.

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) tweeted that it was in close contact with UK officials regarding the new mutant Corona-virus strain and would release additional information on the new virus variant discovered in the UK as it becomes available

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Revolution News 2021.

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26-01-21 20:29

Nu zal het leger ingezet gaan worden?

26-01-21 21:40

Protesters will finally end up in re-education camps.

Reply to  Sandokan
26-01-21 21:41

Fema Camps?

Scooby Do
Scooby Do
17-03-21 23:21

In The Hague police pushed a protesting women against an oncoming police vehicle, while a man had been teared open by dogs, while officers were simultaneity pounding and hitting the victim with their hard rubber sticks?

Scooby Do
Scooby Do
Reply to  Scooby Do
17-03-21 23:22

Wikipedia asked for answer regarding this abnormal police brutality?