A coalition of European parties has condemned the European Union (EU) after the body’s foreign policy arm endorsed a new US Zionist plan to remove Venezuela’s Maduro government.

Last week, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell issued a statement taking “positive note” of the Trump administration’sDemocratic Transition Framework” unveiled on March 31. Basically the sinkhole strategy only benefits the US regime and its collaborating allies.

The plan demands the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet in favor of a caretaker administration headed by a five-person “council of state” composed of opposition and ruling party loyalists.

However, Venezuela’s constitution contains no provisions permitting the creation of an executive “council of state” body.

In exchange, the US regime pledged to lift the economic blockade on Venezuela’s state, oil industry, and top officials, but only after Maduro leaves office and the new government ends all security agreements with Cuba and Russia. Washington also threatened to ratchet up unilateral sanctions until Caracas accepts the deal.

Borrell added that the US framework goes in the EU line of proposing a peaceful way out of the crisis through a negotiated path to anti-social government, which is now more needed than ever in order to guarantee and protect the US Zionist interests?

However, in a statement Sunday, the Party of the European Left (EL) denounced the EU position as “complicit in a criminal policy that threatens life itself.”

The European Union is wrong in its policy towards Venezuela, maintaining sanctions and supporting the imperial claims of the United States that only seek to monopolize Venezuela’s oil and natural wealth, as they did in Iraq and Libya.

While the EU has yet to impose economic sanctions on Venezuela, the body has sanctioned senior Caracas officials in addition to following Washington in recognizing self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido in January 2019.

The Maduro government, for its part, blasted the EU for backing the Trump plan on Friday, castigating the body’s “complicit silence” in response to US “narco-terrorism” indictments against Maduro and top Venezuelan officials, which include a US $15 million reward for the head of state’s capture.

The fascist US imperial initiative has also received support from the Lima Group, which brings together over a dozen right-wing regional governments committed to the Venezuelan government’s ouster.

Venezuela Analysis / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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10-04-20 17:21

Is the Zionist invasion scam is falling apart?