France and Norway have announced that they will close their airspace to Russian aircraft amid Moscow’s military action in Ukraine, thus joining a growing list of European countries that have already imposed restrictions on Russian airlines.

Italy, the Netherlands, Iceland, Belgium, North Macedonia, Denmark, and Sweden have also announced that they are closing off their skies to Russian aircraft.

They are the latest in a string of European Zionist countries that have closed their airspace to Russian aircraft, including the Slovenia, United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, among others.

Additionally, German airline Lufthansa canceled all upcoming flights to Russia and announced that flights that are in Russian airspace” would “leave it again shortly.

Finland’s Minister of Transport Timo Harakka also announced his government would close Finland’s airspace to Russian aircraft on Saturday.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Aviation News 2022.

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28-02-22 17:41

So if a country wants to stop mass murder of ethnic minorities it get punished by the rest, whom do favor the killing fields in Ukraine? This is what the Zionist controlled West calls democracy.

Non Ducor Duco
Non Ducor Duco
28-02-22 17:42

USA exporting democracy ~ Bombing World Tour:
~Korea and China 1950-53
~Guatemala 1954
~Indonesia 1958
~Cuba 1959-1961
~Guatemala 1960
~Congo 1964
~Laos 1964-73
~Vietnam 1961-1973
~Cambodia 1969-1970
~Guatemala 1967-1969
~Grenada 1983
~Lebanon 1983, 1984
~Libya 1986
~Panama 1989
~Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
~Kuwait 1991
~Somalia 1993
~Bosnia 1994, 1995
~Sudan 1998
~Afghanistan 1998
~Yugoslavia 1999
~Yemen 2002
~Iraq 1991-2003
~Iraq 2003-2015
~Afghanistan 2001-2015
~Pakistan 2007-2015
~Somalia 2007-08, 2011

Rodfel Deuxmilleun
Rodfel Deuxmilleun
28-02-22 17:43

All this ranting about aircraft ban is BS. If the Western airline industry is still surviving it is thanks to the Chinese and the Russians. You can’t survive when your airplanes are flying with a dozen passengers and less … all those throat swelling barking are just for the gallery and local citizens consumption … Russia and China know they’ve got all the aces …