The European Commission has announced that more than 2.500 people, who had once left various European countries to join the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq or Syria, are currently unaccounted for.

Extremists from across Europe joined ISIS in droves in 2014, when the Takfiri terror group launched its campaign of death and destruction in Iraq and Syria.

According to the European Commission for security, at least 5,500 foreign terrorist fighters left the continent to travel to Iraq and Syria.

Of those two-thirds were men, and a quarter women. European security rings warned that those returning home will be a security challenge for years to come.

They include half of the estimated 850 people who left the UK to join ISIS and also 760 of the 3,244 from Saudi Arabia; 800 of the 2,926 from Tunisia; and 271 of the 1,910 from France.

ISIS and the US military shared the same goal, leading to the death of 500.000 people over the last 8 years. However, Assad and the Iraqi government are still alive and liberating their lands from the Zionist monsters. 

Back in January, France said it was considering the repatriation of 130 men and women to be tried under the French judicial system.

In Germany, a woman was charged with war crimes late last year for allegedly letting a 5-year-old girl die of thirst while serving as a member of ISIS in Iraq.

German prosecutors charged the 27-year-old woman, only identified as Jennifer W, with war crimes, murder and weapons offenses earlier this month at a Munich court.

Police said that the woman had first left Germany in August 2014 and traveled via Turkey and Syria to Iraq where she joined the terrorist group the following month.

In January 2016, she allegedly visited the German embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and applied for new identity documents. She was arrested by Turkish security services after leaving the embassy and deported to Germany a few days later.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Booby Trap
Booby Trap
28-04-20 17:14

Got lost? That is a funny way of putting it.